Americans have misunderstood the problem Europe is facing

American conservatives, republicans and patriots have often made a point of rallying against Islam. As if this foreign religion, together with “communism” is the greatest threat to “American freedom” the concept of conservative society and a God given right to liberty.

This idea stems from a lack of experience and an obsolete worldview that was predominately indoctrinated into the minds of the generations between 1940’s-1960’s, and is today as well being frequently forced by the government and media on the people.

However, although Islam is part of the issue that the European countries are facing, the actual issue is not Islam but rather mass immigration, race-mixing and anti white public and legal policy. Many of the immigrats that cause enormous harm in Sweden are, at least by name, orthodox or Catholic Christians.

The European union has forced it’s member countries to accept grotesque numbers of so-called asylum seekers from the third world. These often come in guise of “refugee children” albeit are visably often adult men. Need I mention that Sweden has accepted among the highest number of foreigners per capita?

The Swedish system is not made to support hundreds of thousands, or even a million more people than it has taxpaying legal citizens. Thus it is easy to see the causality between mass immigration and a collapsing wellfare system that actual swedes are forced to live with.

As if the financial catastrophy was not enough (which has resulted in low quality schools and healthcare), the immigrants that swedes have reluctantly been forced to accept over the last couple of decades predominately come from third world development countries with poor societal structure, massive corruption, completely foreign religious systems which thus also causes ethical collisions, not to mention the avarage populational IQ of 70 or 80 in these countries, which is significantly lower than the avarge Swedish IQ, and frankly borders to what is considered mental retardation.

Needless to say, a forced and sudden mix of two in every way incompatible and foreign nations is bound to bring about what we see in Sweden today. We see a widespread segregation between the differed immigrant groups and swedes, an expansion of extreme violent crime and sexual abuse of Swedish women. Native swedes are targeted by immigrant gangs, humiliated and beaten, robbed or murdered, with their race being the sole motive.

It seems it is so profoundly directly correlated to immigration and certain specific immigrant groups, such as the north africans and middle easterners, that no one could deny this causality with a straight face. Surprisingly, it is not so.

If a swede says anything alluding to the slightest scepticism toward this open-door migration policy or dare to point out the possible (clearly statistically proven) correlation between violent and sexual crime and immigrants he is immediately shunned as a pariah and racist, and swedes of all age groups and class affiliation freakvently suffer severe legal and social repercussions for doing so.

For context’s sake, Sweden has always been a class society under a strict monarchy, where american constitutional concepts of God given rights and liberties have been completely unfamiliar.

As of now, one could speculate, after a hundred years of essentialy total rule of the social democratic party or other parties that share the same globalist agenda, the swede has submitted under the mighty hand of not big, but humongous government, and thus simply changed the medieval totalitarian system for a contemporary progressive and social democratic one.

This would explain why the Swedish judicial system, frequently by female representatives, is so consistent in not taking Swedish women’s side in rape cases but rather tend to victimize the rapist, criticize the victim, refuse to repatriate foreigners convicted of these crimes and rather in every way focus on the protection of violent criminals. Namely, because it suits the globalist political agenda which is direct marching orders from the government and the European union.

And so, not only are retired Europeans doomed to lower pensions and poor quality of healthcare even though they have payed (sometimes up to 50 %) taxes their entire lives, they also have to witness their granddaughters get raped and grandsons assaulted or murdered by strangers in their own home towns while the authorities do nothing.

To be a white Swedish native today is to be a target. An individualist Swedish youth rarely has any fight to put up against middle eastern clans or african extended families with a hundred criminal cousins.

So to the American I would say that, yes Sweden is clean, yes our nature is astonishing, yes we have had one of the world’s most functioning wellfare systems. But today we are in a downward spiral of violent population exchange due to corrupt politicians, forced race and culture mixing by the European union and our own defaitism and fear.

How many hand grenades have to be thrown at the police by gangs from the third world before swedes have had enough? How many young women have to get gang raped and decapitated by Afghans or Africans before Swedish fathers take the law into their own hands? How many more millions of third world criminals will have to be imported before the avarage swede realizes the consequences of being an oppressed minority is his own land?

And when all of that happens, will it already be too late?

Americans have misunderstood the problem Europe is facing

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